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Weekly Club Bulletin - Vol 85 Issue 17  17th April 2023
Acting Pres John Mansour   

Rotary Affirmation: 

May Rotary friends and Rotary ways help us to serve our community
here and  abroad in many ways.
Monday 17th April 2023
at CORO 88 
88 Burwood Road Burwood
6.00 for 6.15 
From our Last Meeting 

Meeting opened at 6 15 chaired by Acting President pp John Mansour

Pres John opened the meeting at 615 with the Rotary Affirmation 

Welcome guest Sweta Gupta

Visitors: Debra Mansour, Mary Dimarco, Ray  

Apologies: David Kwong, Irene Giardino, Hugo Robinson, LOA: Sana Kamalesan,

Wedding anniversaries as per Spoke

BPWS Expo in Burwood park 

Well attended by many organisations and the event and stalls were very good. Rotary did the sausage sizzle. Thank you Alf Dimarco, Sam Helou , Keith Weeding, John Mansour

Anzac Day breakfast. Nowhere to go. Possibly Woodstock  is available, Circulating round robin. To see who may be coming,  The cost $ 25 with children free 

Rob Whitney

Time to find candidates for RYPEN and MUNA

RYPEN Sent letter to local the local schools and see if any want to send. Cost is $ 475.00. Held at Cobbity 5-7 May 

MUNA.  At end of APRIL $350.00 each, in the past we pay half sometime all cost. We evaluate each student. , 

Interested in Youth Exchange.  Rob feels if we get involved should be all or nothing 

Fund raiser for wind ward bound sailing segments sponsored

Rotary Down Under. No word on getting and electronic copy,  No response to John”s Email.

Sweta Gupta .  

Introduced by John Mansour who welcomed her to the club 


"My name is Sweta Gupta, Software Engineer by profession and currently working as a Head Of Operation (Software) in an MNC Company. I am not only an accomplished coder, but a certified programmer, manager and leader. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day in the Tech world for more than 18 years now in different countries USA, Australia & India. Recently completed the directorship course from AICD (Australian Institute Of Company Directors) to get a closer glimpse of the Australian Working environment and train myself for future directorship roles. While in school, I always earned distinctions and with my management and leadership skills I always lead the students, classmates, classrooms and now leading in the workfield.

 In 2019 & 2020, I was named in the top 150 female project managers around the globe and shared the space with these incredible females in the form of a book "Unlocking the Opportunity" published in 2020.

 I am a strong supporter of Women Empowerment and advocate their equal rights especially in the corporate world - achieving this by working as a Vice President of BPWS - Business and Professional Women Strathfield.

I am also a mentor in the Institute Of Project Management - Sydney Chapter and an active member of Australia India Business Council - Women in Business Chapter.

 I served as a board member for NFP organisations in Sydney as a volunteer.

Recently got published in Sydney Morning Herald, got interviewed by Chief Journalist Jordan Baker about "How confident do women feel about government taking action on "Respect at Work" and women's safety summit recommendations"

 In my free time, I like travelling, spending time with my family and watching movies."

Title: Woman in the workforce and their expanding influence in all areas of business

Sweta acknowledged local land and indigenous.

Evolution of women in the workforce. More household work but gradually during the world wars took over the local management while the men were at war. After the war continued to work especially in teaching and nursing  There was a pay gap that still exists to this day 

From Eighties woman taking part in all parts of the work place predicted that 48% of woman will be in the workforce by year 2050.

Gender diversity in the workforce   Help in different ways , is a better talent pool to draw from with different life experiences different mind sets, and skill sets and communication may be better, 

Businesses are more reliable and maybe more profitable, 

Problems: The top 10 issues  Pay gap equal pay. Gender bias. Sexual harassment

Access to hot jobs and the glass ceiling. Role models. Sponsorship. Non inclusive work places, 

Flexible work environments. LGBTQplus protection 

 Woman - what for the future. Female business ownership. 20 per cent owners are woman in UK  In USA all business skyrocket to 42 percent women in the workforce and participated in business but only 13 percent promoted. Only one in twenty are woman of colour

Key points 

New ideas to business 

Women add a new approach to business and bring a different perspective. Inclusion and diversity. At the work place. Celebrate woman in business.

There were many questions.

SAR Lloyd fined raised $33.20 Raffle $ 50.00 won by Mary meeting closed at 8.00



RC Burwood Helps Schools in the Philippines 

Rotary Burwood District 9675’s turnover of $1,400 to Lilo-an National High School Extension Don Bosco of Cebu City via Rotary Club of Cebu District 3860 International 

A RAWCS Solution -  Destitution at Home 
A RAWCS Solution
A talk by Gary Richards, RC Engadine
Timor Leste 
Rotary Club Parkes’ annual meeting for Timor Leste
Pride of Workmanship 

The Pride of Workmanship awards have been an annual Vocational Program event for many years.

Help for Ukranian Displaced Persons  
Help for Ukrainian  displaced persons  arriving in Sydney 
News from Eurella 
Thank you Burwood Rotary 
Rotary's Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. 
Rotary Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 
Podcast with Sadaya Marathe 
Link to a Podcast with one of out Past Exchange Students Sadaya Marathe 
Article published by Marilie Bomediano
Article published by Marilie Bomediano regarding Container sent to the Philippines 
Report from Dinagat Island 
Fellows here is the latest from Juvie in Gingoog, they returned from the Helping Hand mission, and are now preparing for the next. We have some donations coming in, thank you, and will send every dollar over for these missions.
Those pictures give an idea of the destruction.
Report from Gingoog by PP Walter Bock 

Dear Friends and supporters,

I received another email from Juvie and MinPRA in Gingoog. Somehow, miraculously they avoided much damage to themselves. On the compound it appears two fruit trees came down and the other crop was damaged. On the mountain property the damage was even less. They hate asking for help but they would like to help the island of Dinagat where Vera took a team on a SewAID Mission a couple of years ago.

The Secrets of Scams – Athreya Kannan
The Secrets of Scams – Athreya Kannan

My name is Athreya Kannan and I work for Zip which is a credit company and we often get calls

from customers who have been scammed online or over the phone. I, therefore, wrote this up

to spread awareness of these scams so we can be more vigilant.

Rotary Youth Exchange - making a difference for life
Rotary Youth Exchange - making a difference - Reflections from a Reunion 30 years later.
The Year is 1991, two busses full of Rotary Exchange Students enter a parking lot in Sydney after 3 weeks around Australia on the “Capricorn Ramble Tour”. Saying goodbye was heart-breaking, knowing that we would soon be back home and maybe never see each other again.
Jumping to September 2021, downtown Frankfurt on a Friday afternoon in brilliant weather. Stepping out of the car to greet 3 people I have not seen for 30 year in front of their hotel.
Burwood Rotary 50th Anniversary Charitable Trust
The Rotary Club of Burwood has created the 50th Anniversary Charitable Trust with the overall charitable purpose of "relieving poverty and the advancement of education or any other matter beneficial to the community". Funds are awarded to persons who satisfy the Trustees that they are financially disadvantaged and are undertaking some form of further study/sporting endeavour beneficial to themselves and to the community in general. 
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